Online Graduate Program Fees


Enrollment Fee* (For All Students Per Degree)   $50.00              
Graduate Level Tuition per Credit Hour*   $125.00    
Doctoral Level Tuition per Credit Hour*    $150.00    
Transfer Credit* (Maximum Hrs. 10 Credit Hours)       No Charge    
Life Credit* (Maximum Approved 10 Credit Hours)       No Charge    
Course Delivery Fee         $100.00     
International Course Delivery Fee*   $250.00    
Graduation Fee* (Master's and Doctorate)   $250.00    
Advanced Placement Tests*  (CLEFT)   $50.00 Each    
Transcripts Fee* (1st one free) (Mailed within 72 hrs.)   $15.00 Each    
Expedited Transcript Fee* (Mailed within 24 hrs.)   $25.00 Each    
Change of Program*    $100.00