Graduate Programs 

Our Graduate programs are designed to provide a broad biblical base for those who have graduated from a secular college or university. The programs apply biblical truths to the practical problems students face in life and ministry around the world. By providing an understanding of Scripture and systematic theology, followed by the integration of this knowledge with modern strategies for ministry, the programs seek to provide the capabilities needed for ministry and personal growth. Evaluation skills, as well as effective written and verbal expression, are emphasized. The student is expected to attain comprehension of a foundational framework of biblical and theological truths, a commitment to a lifestyle based on Christian character and capabilities in research and communication that are critical in ministry. All Masters Students must maintain a 2.50 GPA. Click here for more information about our Graduate Programs
"All courses and programs are subject to change without notice."

Doctoral Programs

Our Doctoral programs are designed to fulfill the desire of the students. The Doctor of Ministry (DM) degree and Doctor of Theology (ThD) degree are advanced, academic research degrees.  These recipients are able to engage in original research and problem solving in sophisticated ways.  DM degree requires 48 hours of study beyond the master’s degree plus 9 hrs. for dissertation. ThD degree requires 60 hours of study beyond the master's degree plus 9 hrs. for dissertation. All Doctoral Students must maintain a  3.00 GPA.
The exact number of years varies by discipline and by student. Some students complete in 4 or more years of study depending on the field, the student's research topic, and the student's skills. All Doctoral Programs accept only applicants with master's degrees. All DM and ThD degrees require the completion of coursework, comprehensive exams, and a dissertation.  Click here for more nformation about our Doctoral Programs
"All courses and programs are subject to change without notice."