Trinity Graduate School and Seminary, Inc., exists to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord by preparing adults to evangelize, disciple, and minister to the world. Since 1973 Trinity Graduate School and Seminary has fulfilled its mission of preparing men and women for ministry. Trinity Graduate School and Seminary is accessible to students around the world through an online delivery system.  
Our Mission is to equip faithful men and women for the work of the ministry by teaching spiritual truths, imparting biblical knowledge, providing practical ministry opportunities, and grounding them in the message of God’s unconditional love and grace.
Most of our graduates have served in various denominations such as the Southern Baptist, Anglican, Orthodox, Methodist, Cumberland Presbyterian, Independent Baptist and the list goes on. Students of all faith-based groups are welcome and may enroll without fear of being proselytized by instructors, staff or other students.
There are hundreds of good Bible Colleges and Institutions of higher learning; however, there are very few institutions of higher learning that offer the training and preparation for ministry that Trinity Graduate School and Seminary offer.
Thank you, for considering this ministry to be a  part of your ministry.